Annemieke Milks

Annemieke Milks

London, United Kingdom

UCL Institute of Archaeology. Member: European Society of Human Evolution, Lithic Studies Society, European Human Behaviour and Evolution Association, Society of American Archaeologists.

PhD Candidate


Published on Jul 20, 2016

Experiment Day!

Hi backers! A quick lab note to say that it's experiment day here at the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom. The beautiful spear replicas are ready to be prepared for the air can...

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Published on Jun 23, 2016

Setting the experimental protocol

Of the questions I’m asked most frequently about my research, those relating to setting the experimental protocol based on our understanding of the parameters of ancient technologie...

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Published on Jun 15, 2016

Open Access Publishing - New Stretch Goal

Hi everyone. So many thanks for all of the supportive views, comments and of course donations so far. Several people have asked if I can commit to publishing this research open acce...

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Published on Jun 09, 2016


Wow - already reached the goal! Thanks so much to the backers of this experiment, I'm so grateful for your support. I will post here soon with some more lab notes, and some stretch goals with any a...

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Published on Jun 08, 2016

Introducing Annemieke Milks

As a kid my parents were constantly taking us to archaeological sites and museums in the USA and in Europe. I was always grabbed by imagining what life was like for people in the pa...

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Reply to:Gary TrowerGary Trower
Sounds cool! I hope the research will help those of us looking to replicate spear thrusting, and provide some data for experiments. Will you be testing on gel or animal or both?
Good luck - looks like a really important project. I love my sleep and my 5 year old still sometimes naps!