Our Mission and Values

Our Mission

Experiment is a platform for scientific discoveries powered by people.

There’s a special moment that happens between two strangers when someone is trying to explain some science to the other. There's a spark that goes off when passion and communication come together to bridge the gap of scientific understanding. This is how science moves forward, human by human.

Our mission is to enable a community where these interactions can take place.

Our Beliefs

Science is the reward

We believe that science is always the reward, and that science can always be made to be rewarding through participation, engagement, and learning. If the reward isn't about the science, then we don't do it.

Public Funding

We believe that science is a public good, and should therefore belong to the public. All experiments have the potential and opportunity to change the world, but only if it's out there for the world to consume and share.


Transparency empowers everyone around us, and can be a strong reminder that we are ultimately all on the same team, hurtling the same direction through space. A trusting community is a stronger one, and openness makes us smarter.