STEM Education


Developments at the intersection of accessible technologies are changing the way students learn. We want to fund paradigm-shifting questions and ideas about STEM education and how it can be improved such that efforts are sustainable at different scales and civically responsible.

Science Lead: Justice Toshiba Walker

Challenge Amount:
Submission Deadline:
Nov 30, 2023
Campaign Launch:
Jun 01, 2023

How this works

We have $50,000 that we're going to contribute to projects here on Experiment. We will back eligible projects up to $10,000 (and you are welcome to try to raise more using the crowdfunding aspect of Experiment, too). The funds will be distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis, so the sooner you fill out a project application the better (use the "start a project" link below).

Learn more

Learn more about Experiment challenges on the challenges main page.

Challenge Aims

We're looking for ideas that are knowledge advancing. We are seeking proposals from individuals and organizations who have creative ideas for re-imagining the next century of STEM education toward: creative innovation, occupational attainment, and/or critical literacy.

The goal of this grant program is to support questions, experiments and projects that will promote: (i) how we understand STEM learning, (ii) intellectually diverse learner participation, engagement and persistence, and/or (iii) STEM education outcomes that support field advancement, workforce development, as well as ethical planetary and cultural stewardship. We are especially interested in proposals that:

  • Use next-generation technologies to understand or enhance STEM learning experiences in authentic and diverse contexts
  • Incorporate active learning (inquiry, problem or design-based) to make STEM education more personally meaningful and culturally relevant
  • Address the underrepresentation of women and other underrepresented or traditionally marginalized groups in STEM fields
  • Foster collaboration and interdisciplinary perspectives in learning (e.g., learning sciences, science education, etc.) and practice (e.g., design, computing, data science, biotechnology, etc.).

If you have a new and innovative idea for improving how we the world understands or enacts STEM education, we encourage you to apply for this grant opportunity. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of students and help build a stronger, more equitable society.

Project Eligilibity

Projects must meet Experiment project guidelines and funding discretion rests with the Science Leads